I’ve been thinking a lot about QR codes recently, and how ugly they look. So, here’s a project which caught my eye over at Collate this week, from those clever chaps at The Chase. They’ve used QR codes to print Christmas wrapping paper, where each code contains a gift idea too. Blimey.

The sheets look pretty nice as posters too, right up my street.

I’ve been pursuing a little pet project do do with the oft-maligned QR code for a little while now which I hope to be able to reveal in the new year, so watch this space for more QR goodies…

iSTD Awards 2011

I went along last Friday to the International Society of Typographic Designers bi-annual awards event, as I’d heard my Storm Thorgerson poster had been nominated which was lovely, and totally unexpected. Not as unexpected however as winning a much coveted Premier Award, which was something special.

Congratulations too, to the guys from Purpose who were also winners on the night for The Armoury…

…and The Partners who were recognised for their work for the Injured Jockey Fund.

It was a great evening, wonderful work and nice people, so thanks to all the guys at the iSTD and also those who helped make the poster happen (you know who you are)

Oh, it was held at the Museum of Packaging and Brands in Notting Hill which is well worth a visit.

Sans style

I haven’t written much here lately, and there are a number of reasons for that which I won’t go into. One of those reasons though, was that I went on a brief holiday to France, land of fashion, food and style. Imagine my horror then, when I chanced upon Comic Sans jewellery.

Mon Dieu!

RiP Steve Jobs

Saddened to hear the news about Steve Jobs today, but inspired all over again by his wise words. Rather than a load of overblown sentimentality or sub-par FastCompany-esque analysis, here are three of my favourite clips of Steve’s amazing thoughtful clarity.

What an inspiration. Rest in peace Steve…

Title image via Jonathan Mak, clever bugger.

Direct action

Perhaps you are lacking direction in your design career, perhaps you are searching for a gift for the creative director in your life who has everything, or perhaps you’re an over-zealous finance person who could do without paying that huge creative director salary every month and are looking for a cheaper alternative. Whatever your situation, these stamps from Heather Phillips are for you!

Why not buy the whole set? After dispensing some of this advice amongst your woefully inadequate colleagues, your promotion to CD is sure to be in the post.

Of course kids, don’t forget that creative direction is dangerous and should only be attempted by a skilled and experienced adult. Do not attempt to creatively direct at home or unsupervised.

Found via Angus Whines, who in turn found it via Ben Terrett, and at that point I had to find out where to buy one.


No posts on the blog for a week or so as I was at Glastonbury, so here, by way of an appeasement are some Instagrams I took instead…