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Alphabets with character


The image above is of Letterland which is my earliest memory of the alphabet, making characters out of each letter while learning to read. Flash forward 30 years and we’re still doing it, a favourite pastime of graphic designers is to dream up new alphabets and fonts. There are lots of really imaginative interpretations of the 26 letters of our alphabet out there so I thought I’d start collecting a few of my favourite A to Zs in one place. Some are more legible than others, but they’re all a bit of fun and go to show type can be a living analogue thing too.

I think this will become an ever-growing post as I find more of these. If you’ve found any, please post them in the comments…

Type the sky

Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann, who tends to walk into lamp posts a lot.


Booksetting by Amandine Alessandra who hasn’t bought an Amazon Kindle yet.


Tiepography by Ed Nacional, who really needs some new shirts.


Handy by Public who are good at charades.


Heldentica by Autobahn who seem a bit wasteful.

Google Maps Typography

Google Maps Typography by Rhett Dashwood who ironically suffers from vertigo.


Folded by Brian Jaramillo who has a lot of time on his hands.

Apple Alphabet

Apple Alphabet by Ana Benaroya who’s getting her 5-a-day.

A to Z of Chairs

Ideographic Chairs by Amandine Alessandra again, who sleeps standing up.

Value Pack Alphabet

Value Pack by Robert J Bolesta who buys one and gets one free.

Alphabet Truck

Alphabet Truck by Eric Tabuchi who isn’t great at overtaking.


Backbreaker by Kalle Mattsson who makes friends easily.

Bread Alphabet

Brød & Korn by Commando Group who have nice buns.

Here are more, as I find them…

Lego Font

Lego Font by Handmade Font who can never find the windscreen brick.

Lazer Dog

Lazer Dog by Oscar and Ewan who are quick but not brown.


Fire-Poi Typography by Nir Tober who has run away to join the circus.

a2z East End

East End Shopfronts by Eine who is a repeat offender.

a2z Beards

Beard Alphabet by Tim Yarzhombeck who saves a lot on razor blades.


Bits by Paul Elliman who needs to declutter the house.


Lovely Ladies by Malika Favre of Airside who thinks boys smell.


Folded Paper Typeface by Daniella Spinat who makes great paper planes.


Interior by Andrew Byrom who secretly shops at Ikea.

Fire in the Hole

Fire in the hole by Oliver Munday who had some childhood issues.


Lightbulbs by Adam Slowik who isn’t worried about his carbon footprint.


Pantone Typeface by Marc Alcock who likes Cool Gray 6.


Eatphabet by Alex Kapranos who has his clothes specially made.


Slotervaart Alphabet by Studio GloriusVandeVen who didn’t get planning permission.


Hirsutura by Craig Ward who has a blocked plughole.


Miss Alphabet by Sheriff who hope for world peace.


Zipper by Tony DiSpigna who never flies low.


Skullphabet by Skull-A-Day, who REALLY like skulls.


Human Alphabet by Monica Alisse, who is good at helping planes to land.


Typeface in Skin by Thijs Verbeek, who suffer for their art.

kyle steed

Nice. Love the baked letters. Those are some nice buns. :)

And the “value pack” letters are great too. Really I just love them all.

Amanda Steed

I love the ties and the books, these are great!


More from Handmade Font. Seriously, check out their website, I couldn’t possibly post them all here….

Handmade Font

Handmade Paper Rose


Nice post. Some more alphabets I like…

Paul Elliman’s ‘Alphabet’ (published by FUSE in 1992)

and his ‘bits’, along with the objectified logo by Build…

Mike Reed

There’s a lovely alphabet for your collection at Not strictly type, but brilliant.

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