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Get me to the church on time


I got married last Friday 7th August, and totally unknown to me, transport had been arranged to the church in the form of a DeLorean. A good choice as obviously you can’t be late in one of those.


All I had to do was jump in, set the time circuits for 12:34:56 07.08.09 and I was off.

There’s definitely something going on, as this was the disco at the last wedding I went to:

Despite the flyer’s claim to be able to play music from any time, he was unable to play me any music from the future, although he seemed to have a quite direct link to the early 90s.

Anyway, should I end up in the past, something like this would definitely come in handy…

Say you've gone back in time

I must at least visit America in 1955 at some point as I have my own diner in Hill Valley California. Check out the climactic scene in Back to the Future, there’s clearly a ‘Holt’s Diner’ at the end of the street.

Now, all that remains is to go to the future, something’s got to be done about our kids…


If anyone else fancies getting their hands on a DeLorean and hiring it for the day, this one came courtesy of Chris Hawes, and a very nice chap he is too…


That’s absolutely crazy. I’m getting married in October, and would love to have a DeLorean to skip ahead right to the day, and be done with all this planning.