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Nine nicer ways to tell the time

I love a good clock screensaver for my Mac, I really do. I’m a sucker for them and so, inspired by the excellent Drop Clock which is doing the rounds at the moment, I thought I’d gather together my favourite ways of telling the on-screen time here in one post. Most of these are available as screensavers for the Mac and PC…

Drop Clock

Drop Clock This is the new one, a lovely screensaver which shows the numbers being dropped into water all slowly. It’s from Tha Ltd. the guys behind Ffffound! and Yugo Nakamura strikes again!

Flip Clock

Fliqlo A long standing favourite of mine, a faithful recreation of a flip clock, so save your money at Habitat and download this screensaver. Check out the rest of the site too…

Polar Clock

Polar Clock from Pixelbreaker, a radial representation of the date and time using ever moving coloured bands.

Pong Clock

Pong Clock a great clock made by a never-ending game of Pong. Another one which has burned its way into my screen for many weeks. It’s minutes vs hours and strangely minutes seems to lose 60 times more frequently…


Uniqlock is Japanese bonkers from Uniqlo and great for it. Who needs clocks when you can tell the time through the medium of interpretive dance…?

Drawn Clock

Drawing the time by multimedia god Yugo Nakamura is another example of his great multimedia work. Sadly you can’t download this one, you just have to load up the webpage and watch it go. You could make a webclip for the OSX dashboard though…?

Barcode Clock

Barcode Clock no nonsense time telling made using Javascript. No scanner required. You can download widgets of this or watch it tick away on the web page

Nixie Clock

Nixie Clock a lovely retro way to look at the time, using the tube based display which came before LEDs. This is a Mac Dashboard widget, for PC users there seem to be loads of variations out there…

Wallpaper Clock

Wallpaper Clock not strictly one clock this, but rather a way to change your desktop wallpaper at intervals to show a series of images. I haven’t tried it yet, but I guess you can visualise the time any way you like. The site tells you how to do it and you can browse different wallpapers…

That’s it, try them for yourself and do please leave a comment if you know of any I’ve missed out. I’m sure to need to change my screensaver again soon…

kyle Steed

thanks for these links. I have put the polar clock on all my computers at home and work.


Now there is also Word Clock